Frequently Asked Questions


  • Understanding the Program
    PlayEveryday is a loyalty program that aims to make your adulting responsibilities fun, easy, and rewarding! Saving up, paying bills, and purchasing items for your daily life can be boring and cumbersome, but with PlayEveryday, at least you can get rewards from it.
    • What are Play Points?
      Play Points are what we call the points that are collected by the member when they do certain actions. These actions are enumerated below. You can earn from digital transactions, from ranking up, from using the card and more. We do plan to add to the current list so watch out for it!
    • What are the key benefits?
      With PlayEveryday, you can:
      • Rise up the ranks as you collect more Play Points
      • Earn bonus Play Points as you reach the next rank
      • Become part of the weekly leaderboards
      • Redeem rewards conveniently through UnionBank Online
    • How do I become a member?
      If you want to join the PlayEveryday program, all you have to do is get a PlayEveryday credit card or a PlayEveryday debit card.
      You can visit the How to Apply to learn more.
  • Game Mechanics
    • What are the ranks and what benefits do I get?
      Rank Bonus Redeemable Points
      Rising Star 300
      Celebrity 1,000
      All Star 2,000
      Superstar 5,000
      Hall of Famer Surprise rewards!
    • How do I level up?
      Just continue using your card to collect Play Points until you reach the required points per rank. We count the points you've earned since becoming a member of the program (excluding points earned from promotions and bonus points from ranking up). We reward you with even more points for each rank.
    • Does my level/ rank go down when I redeem my points?
      No, your level and rank do not go down when you redeem your points.
  • Leaderboards
    • What's the leaderboard feature?
      Leaderboards are a feature of PlayEveryday that shows the top 10 members for different categories. We have the following leaderboards:
      • Top Points Collector – Join other avid PlayEveryday points collectors!
      • Top Card Usage – Keep on using your cards to be part of this leaderboard. Use your card responsibly!
      • Top Goal Achievers – Coming soon!
      • Top Goal Balance – Coming soon!
    • How do I become part of the leaderboards?
      Just keep on using your card or making transactions through UnionBank Online. Leaderboards are refreshed every Thursday to include members who have made the most points or transactions in the previous week, so there's more chances for you to become part of it!
    • What if I don't want to have my name up in the leaderboards? What should I do?
      Before you complete your PlayEveryday profile setup in UnionBank Online, we will be asking you if you agree for your alias, avatar, and rank to be shown in the leaderboards, which you can confirm by checking the tick box. If after a while you change your mind, you can go to your PlayEveryday profile in Unionbank Online to uncheck the tick box and we will not include you anymore in future leaderboards.
  • All About Play Points
    • How do I earn Play Points?
      Besides ranking up, you can collect Play Points from the transactions below! Play Points from different transactions will be credited to your PlayEveryday profile at different times.

      Card Type Visa spend requirement to earn 1 Play Point
      PlayEveryday Debit Card P20 = 1 point
      PlayEveryday Credit Card P10 = 1 point

      Digital Transactions in UnionBank Online Debit Card Credit Card
      Download app and enroll PlayEveryday card
      If Debit Customer 500 -
      If Credit Customer - 500
      Enroll an additional PlayEveryday card
      If existing PlayEveryday Credit Card customer opened a PlayEveryday Debit Card and sets up their profile 500 -
      If existing PlayEveryday Credit Card customer opened a PlayEveryday Debit Card and sets up their profile 500 -
      Goal setting with a minimum Goal target of P30,000 (up to 3x)
      50% accomplished 100 -
      Goal reached 300 -
      First 3 UnionBank Online bills payment transactions 100 -
      Deposit at least P10,000 per month 100 -
      Refer a friend 300 300
      First use of Split Bills, Request for Payment and QR Scan 50 50 -

    • How can I refer a friend to the PlayEveryday program and earn points?
      Visit your UnionBank Online profile to view your referral code and share this to your friends. Your friend should input your referral code in their UnionBank Online app. To earn points from referring a friend, you must be a PlayEveryday cardholder referring another PlayEveryday cardholder. Both you and your friend should have their PlayEveryday card registered in UnionBank Online. Make sure that your PlayEveryday profile is set up so we can credit your points.
    • What can I redeem for Play points?
      We have over 200 merchants available for redemption, or you may choose to enjoy annual fee waivers or cashback credited to your account!
    • How do I redeem Play points?
      • Log in to UnionBank Online and click Redeem on your PlayEveryday profile screen.
      • Choose your desired reward. You can claim the reward for yourself or send it to your friend!
      • Go to the Shopping Cart and click Redeem Now
      • You (or your friend) will receive an email and text message with your voucher code. Use it in store or online anytime!
    • Can I transfer points to my friend?
      No. Play points are only available for redemption to the cardholder. However, the cardholder has the option to send voucher codes or cashback to a friend.
    • Can I view my rewards transaction history?
      Yes. You can view your rewards transaction history via UnionBank Online for both the PlayEveryday debit and PlayEveryday credit cards.
    • Can I have a redeemed e-voucher refunded or changed to another item?
      No, we do not accept refunds for issued e-vouchers but we can accommodate changing the e-voucher to another item on a case to case basis. Accommodation for changing to another item is also on a case to case basis.
  • Card-related Concerns (Application and Activation)
    • How do I apply for a PlayEveryday card?
      • Fill out the online application form upon clicking the apply now button on any of the pages in our website
      • PlayEveryday credit card will be delivered to your address upon approval.
      • PlayEveryday debit card must be picked up at the branch.
      • If you don’t have a UnionBank Online account yet, you can apply for a debit card via Digital Account Opening. Download the app to open an account and simply follow the succeeding steps.
    • I can't complete the entire application now. Can I save the fields I've already filled out?
      Yes, you can save the form. We will be sending you an email alongside a link to your application.
    • Do I have to upload my IDs/proof of income with my application?
      For faster processing of your application, we encourage you to upload all required documents via However, you can still push through with your application without uploading. Please expect a call from our customer service agent requesting you to submit all necessary documents.
    • How will I know if my application has been successfully submitted?
      You will receive an email after you click submit. Please note that you will only be able to submit the form once completing all mandatory fields. For Debit Card, you will be given a reference number which you will need to show to any UnionBank branch to complete your debit card application and receive your PlayEveryday Debit Card.
    • How do I activate my PlayEveryday Credit and/or Debit Card?
      Activate your debit or credit card through the UnionBank Online app – download it now from the App Store or Play Store.
    • How do I enroll my card to Online Banking?
      Download the UnionBank Online app at the App Store or via Google Play or go to and follow the steps provided.
    • How do I fund my PlayEveryday Debit Card?
      Deposit at any UnionBank Branch, Fund Transfers through UnionBank ATMs and UnionBank Online (internet and mobile banking), Interbank Fund Transfer, and PayPal ( You can also use UnionBank’s Cash Deposit Acceptance Machines located at selected UnionBank branches.
  • PlayEveryday Fees
    • PlayEveryday Debit
      Annual Fee or Monthly Fee
      *First year annual fee is waived
      P500 or P45 per month
      Initial deposit None
      Minimum balance requirement None
      Interest Rate Prevailing market rate
      Minimum balance to earn interest P10,000
      Statement of account None
      OTC deposit Allowed
      OTC withdrawal Allowed
      a. Within UnionBank Allowed with fee (P100)
      b. Other banks Not allowed
      c. Maximum amount for OTC withdrawal P100,000
      ATM fees Allowed
      a. On-us withdrawal and balance inquiry No charge
      b. Off-us withdrawal P12 per transaction
      c. Off-us balance inquiry P3 per transaction
      d. Maximum withdrawable amount per transaction P20,000
      e. Maximum withdrawable amount per day P50,000
      Card replacement (lost/stolen/damaged) P200
      Card replacement (defective/renewal) No charge
    • PlayEveryday Credit

      Click this link to view the table of fees and charges for credit cards: